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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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iPhone sound stuck on headphone

Replaced the battery in my iPhone SE (1st gen) using iFixIt’s kit and instructions, Speaker sound was fine until I plugged headphones in. Now sound is stuck going to the headphone jack even when the plug is out.

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Try a hard reset and clean out the headphone jack with iso… or just replace charging port if both fixes don’t work

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I think maybe the headphone jack may be off from the replacement procedure for the battery. What can the fix be for that?


@jshowalt Doesn't sound related... I've only seen it happen by glitch (Hard Restart), Bad/Damaged or clogged port and audio IC


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