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The Dell Latitude E7250 was released in 2015 by the Intel Corporation.

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Laptop is not charging also not working even if I plugged using adapte

My laptop is not charging and not working even if we removed the battery and used the adapter. Not sure what to do.. some says its the hardware. I do hope its not! Please help

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Do any of the led's come on at all?


yes except the battery light


its the adapter, it seems the charger gave up or something.. i dunno.. its out of warranty since i bought it from a warehouse in UAE. Is it safe to buy a docking charger instead of adapter?


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Make sure it’s not the adapter. Test it with one you know works and has the same Voltage/Amperage.

If it still doesn’t work, probably the charging port has come loose. It looks sth like this:

Make sure its firmly into place. If fixing it/replacing it does not work, then it’s probably a motherboard issue, in which case replacement will come more expensive.

I don’t know the excact specs of your laptop, second link is just indicative.

Also, is you warranty still good? Might save you a great deal of time/trouble.

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Here’s the owner’s manual for the laptop.

Go to p.24 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the systemboard.

You don’t have to actually remove the systemboard, it’s just that the procedure will allow you access to the power -connector port cable - example only.

Once you have access, disconnect the cable from the systemboard and then use an Ohmmeter to test the wires from the cable plug back to the socket to make sure that there is continuity from end to end for all the wires. The red wires are connected to the centre pin of the socket and the black wires are connected to the outer ring connector of the socket. What can happen is that sometimes the centre pin of the socket breaks internally in the socket meaning that the adapter can’t charge the battery or run the laptop. If the socket is faulty it cannot be repaired. It has to be replaced.

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Latitude E7250 19.5v separate bat, great keyboard, small 12" format

  • I have same model Dell E7250 power issue.
  • I tested the power supply and center pin to inner barrel gives 18.5 volts. Outer Barrel to inner Barrel gives 19.6 volts. Out barrel to center pin gives no voltage.
  • I tested the power port on the laptop to the pins on the mainboard where the power port plugs in:
  • Pin 1 has continuity to Center pin on barrel of the Power Port.
  • Pins 2 & 3 have continuity to inside barrel of the power port.
  • Pins 4 & 5 have continuity to outside barrel of the power port.
  • So all 5 pin outs have continuity.
  • When I unplug power port from mainboard and test with power supply.  The blue light on the power supply barrel stays on.
    • I get 19.5V on pins 2 & 4, 2&5, 3 & 4, 3 & 5.
    • I get 18.5V on pins 1 & 2, 1 & 3.

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