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Repair documentation and service information for Hisense televisions.

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Picture becomes distorted, pixelated

Soon after turning the set on, the color and pixelation become all distorted.

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Hi @sithlord ,

What is the model number of the TV?

What is the signal source that is connected to the TV, an antenna or a "box" of some description?

If an antenna:

Is it (or the antenna cable) near an electrical appliance e.g. a air-con unit, other electric motor etc? If so it may be faulty and be emitting strong EMI that is being picked up by the antenna (or cable) and causing interference to the signal .

Have you checked the strength and quality of the received signal? Usually most TVs have a signal strength and signal quality check, in the Settings menus somewhere. It may be a faulty antenna cable connection, at either end that is degrading the strength or quality of the signal making any interference more evident

If a "box":

How is it connected to the TV, HDMI, Component video, Composite video, etc?

Have you tried different inputs, input types, signal sources e.g. a dvd player, to check the display is OK or not?

Is the audio also affected?

What have you tried?

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Model # F55V89C. I have had it hooked up to Direct TV, Dish Network, a Fire Stick, a DVD player, and my PS4. The source does not seem to make any difference. Thank you for taking the time to try and help me.



Are all of the devices connected to a HDMI port?

If so, can you try connecting the dvd player to a Component input just to check the display?

The difference is that HDMI is a digital signal which uses the digital signalling processor on the mainboard whereas the Component video is an analogue signal that doesn't.

Are the TV menu screens also distorted?


I have tried a DVD player in the component input, same problem.



See added question about menus. I was editing my comment to add this when you must have answered Just trying to narrow it down to a board or perhaps the panel.

If menus are OK then part of the mainboard and through to and including the panel is OK

If also not then it still can be either


The menus are also affected.


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