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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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will not turn over, new battery and new fuses

mower will not turn over

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What is the model number of the mower?

Did you check that the pressure activated safety switch, which is located under the seat is OK? Raise the seat to find the switch which should have two wires connected to it.

This switch cuts the power to the engine so that it will stop and also not start if the operator is not sitting on the seat.

To bypass the safety switch until you get a replacement switch so that you can use the mower, disconnect the two wires from the switch, bare the ends of the wires and tightly twist the ends together and then insulate the bare ends with electrician’s tape, the mower should start when the ignition key is operated, without having to sit on the seat.

Be safety aware, a safety switch is there for a reason. replace it as soon as you can

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Or Mabe need new spark plug or plugs

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I dont know if That's a gas mower if it is mabe you have bad gas or water got into the gas tank or someone stole your gas or the fuel line or filter could be clogged..


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