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A minor refresh of the Late 2018 MacBook Air, with the same model number (A1932) and EMC number (3184). This model features a True Tone display and a slightly revised battery.

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Why is my camera not working on the A1932 after a screen repair?

Hi fellow techs,

After a screen repair for this model the camera, does not seem to work. Does anyone know or can point me in the direction of what could be the answer. On FaceTime, Photo booth etc, says no camera available.



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Where did you get your system fixed? Where did you/they get the display?


Hi i’ve this problem as well. A couple of weeks ago I replaced a client’s screen with a screen I had from a donor MacBook. Later on he tells me the webcam/iSight camera isn’t working. Alright no problem, i’ll replace it for you. So I installed the new screen, same problem occurs… I think the odds of 2 screens with exactly the some problem is pretty rare. I’m doing some research now, but I think it’s because of the T2 chip that’s on this model.

I will further investigate this and post my findings.


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I would double check the flex cable connection from the display assembly to the logic board. Take a look at the pins on the flex, and the pins on the FPC connector (where it connects on the logic board). Make sure they are both clean and free of debris.

Once that is verified, I would attempt an SMC/PRAM reset on the device.

  1. With the machine off, plug in your charger
  2. Hold down Shift+Control+Option+Power
  3. Release key combination after 10 seconds
  4. Turn the device on
  5. Hold down Command+Option+P+R
  6. Keep holding, wait for the second startup chime and then release
  7. Allow the device to boot into macOS
  8. Check your FaceTime camera again

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Hey Cory,

Thank you so much for your informative input. The FPC connector does seem to be fine and I am now lead to believe it is a screen based issue after trying your advice. PS. I really like the layout of your instructions for an SMC/PRAM reset!!


@michigo hey! That stinks, it happens sometimes... There is always a defect rate on refurbished or second-hand screen assemblies. Sorry that happened to you! Best of luck with the repair.


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