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Bluetooth wireless headsets used to connect to phones and computers.

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Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Not charging.

I all started last month when I forgot to use the headphone for a week. So, when I tried to power it on, it wasn’t switching on. When I tried to put it in charge, there was no indicator, but I felt slight heat on right side of the headphone. I left it for few hours, then it started working, but after 2-3 hours it abruptly shut down without any warning.

Now I again tried to charge, but there is no indicator. but I left it for few hours and then it worked. This method worked 4-5 times but there was never a charging indicator.

But now it stopped working completely. I still can feel it, but it doesn’t power on. I can use it via aux cable but unable to use it wirelessly.

My hunch is something wrong with battery. What do you think? How should I proceed?

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Having the same issue. I got one replaced last week which had the same issue. Now it ended up again not charging and not turning on. I have no clue what to do.


I had the same issue today...slight heat on the right side, no response after holding the power button. Any help appreciated


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Hi @vikaskr ,

Start off by replacing the battery (supplier example only) and check if that resolves the problem

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Are you sure the heat was on the right side? I have just taken mine apart and the battery is on the left side, connected through a wire to the other side (with charging port and all the controls on it). You could check the battery by taking off the left earcup. Underneath there will be 4 Philips 0 screws, after unscrewing them you can gently lift up the speaker and underneath there should be the battery. Be careful, while the cable is long enough to open them up safely, it still is quite short.

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i had this happen to me too, same slight heat on the right side and no response from the power button


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