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The larger version of Samsung's flagship phone. Released March 2018.

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Poor WiFi and Bluetooth

Hi, so my Galaxy S9 Plus fell the other day and the back glass broke and since then the phone cannot connect to 2.4Ghz wifii networks, Only 5Ghz. Also it won’t remember any wifi networks that was used before both 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz. The bluetooth connection is very poor too. Also sometimes, mobile service is very poor where before the phone fell I had 4 bars (full service). I replaced the back glass bot nothing changed.

Sorry for bad English guys…

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Hi @dimadser

You may have to open it again and check that the WiFi/BT antenna cables are still connected properly and that there is no damage to the systemboard.

Can you get a good 2.4GHZ or BT signal (same frequency) when the phone is used as close as possible to the WiFi router or a BT source? If so this is usually an indication of an antenna problem if it doesn’t work when further away from the signal source.

Mobile phone service antennas are different as there are at least 3 or 4 mounted at various places, directly on the systemboard (no cables used) to improve reception, that is why you may have to closely inspect the board for any damage, cracks etc.

Here’s the ifixit Samsung Galaxy S9+ Teardown guide. At Step.7 in the guide it mentions antennas and the cables are visible in some of the images throughout the guide.

Hopefully a start.

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Hi, first thank you for your fast reply.

I have replaced the the wifi cable (I don't exactly remember the color) and nothing changed. Maybe I should have replaced the second cable too ? (there is white one and blue one but I don't remember the exact color of the wifi one)..

if I will replace the second cable too and the problem won't be solve I would need to replace the chip ?



They are both WiFi as the 5GHz is a different antenna to the 2.4GHz/BT antenna.

Not sure if they may use the same chip for everything 5GHz/2.4GHz/BT as it is the antennas that pick up the signal, the chip just has to process it.

You can only try replacing the other antenna and check the result. If the 2.4GHz works then the BT should also work as well. If they don't there may be an antenna connection problem on the board.

Did you try it very, very close to a router, you didn't say?


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1st of all, after having browsed the site for 2days now, your english is fine :)

It seems like the drop have caused problems with your wifi-bluetooth antenas.

You can get new ones at a low price online.

But even if you take it to a technician, repair shouldn’t cost that much either. Plus you avoid the risk of breaking another part.

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Okay so, you need a new Samsung Galaxy S9 NFC Antenna and Charging Coil Replacement. as well as the plastic cover that it is attached to. if none of this works you may have to get a new frame for the phone. Likewise, i dropped my Galaxy s9 and the frame cracked on the antenna bracket on the top right and I got very slow Bluetooth wifi and mobile data speeds.

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