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The JBL Charge 4 is a waterproof, Bluetooth capable speaker that additionally functions as a portable charger for smartphones. It is identifiable by its model number: CHARGE4S.

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Why is my speaker turning off

I press the power on button on my charge 4, it connects to my phone, then about 10 seconds later it shuts off by itself. I’ve charged it multiple times, factory reset it and it’s still doing the same thing. It just shuts off after about 20 seconds.

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I ai accidentally unpaired my jbl4 how can I pair it back to bluetooth

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Turn the speaker on, press the bluetooth button (right next to the power button at the top center). The BT button led will start flashing and emitting a pinging sound (discovery mode is now enabled). Connect your device (phone,tablet etc) to the speaker by searching for it in the available BT devices list (navigate from Settings > Bluetooth), waiting for "JBL Charge 4" to appear in the list, and finally tappping on it. Now wait a few seconds until you will hear a notification sound, if everything went right "JBL Charge 4" will be now in the connected devices list


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