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Samsung Series 5 3G Chromebook. This laptop has a 12.1" Super Bright high-resolution, non-glare display ideal for web browsing.

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Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 shuts off...

When my power level gets below a certain level, if I plug it in to charge it, it just drops to 0% and shuts down.

I have limited experience with device batteries in these kinds of electronics, particularly Li-Ion. With tools if they over heat they;ll shut down and come back up in a few minutes. This is a genuine drain to 0%. Is it the battery, or something else? Any one?

And why aren’t tablets listed as an available device any where in the device list?

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Is it imprinting, like NiCads do?

It will re-charge with out a problem.


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If it completely shuts down while plugged in, your charger might be bad. On Powe settings, the power plan might be shutting off the screen but the computer actually remains on until keyboard or mouse activity is detected. If this isn't the case, test the charger output. Your computer should indicate plugged in and charging . If not, the charger is bad and you need to get a new one.

If the charger is known to be good and it STILL doesn't charge your computer, kindly check out the post.

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