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Released in 2014, the ROG Gladius is a gaming mouse with a customizable DPI up to 6400. It is made for right-handed folks with two thumb buttons on the left side and a right-handed contoured shape.

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I have the asus rog gladius 2 and I switched the omron switches

I have the gladius 2 and i switched the omron switches for the left button and the right button, when I put it back together it didn’t click

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Rog Gladius 2 is problemetic to put back togerther after changing switches. I opened it, watched the video, tried to put it back together without cutting the unneccsary hinges but in the end I gave up and cut the litter hinges on the bottom part of the mouse and screweed it back up to perfect clicks.


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I forgot about this post but I already found a solution. I was way too gentle with the mouse and didnt press hard enough between the mouse buttons but thanks anyway


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