How do I replace the extruder?

I want to order a replacement extruder as mine doesn’t work anymore. I took out the current one but I’m not sure how to put it back in the casing.

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Can you explain what you mean with "extruder"? The meaning of "extruder" can differ a lot between manufacturers and also between person to person.

It would be even easier if you add a picture of the part you are replacing since a picture can say a lot. Voeg afbeeldingen toe aan een bestaande vraag

Can you also say more detailed what's wrong with the extruder, it may be something that can be fixed without buying a new one.


Hi @eke0909 ,

I know nothing about these printers but this is what it looks like and it can be seen in this ifixit repair guide, but how it actually goes in I can't tell.

maybe you know?



Thanks @jayeff

The problem is that sometimes the hole like "cube" attached to the arms are called the "extruder", others it's the just the nozzle or the motor etc.

There are like 5 more parts they sell with "extruder" in their name. :P

I have an idea of how you should put it back if it's the one you think, but I'm far from 100% how to do it.


@eke0909 ,


I'm not sure I just looked it up because I was interested.

maybe the OP will come back and elaborate a bit more on what he meant



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