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The GIGABYTE Radeon HD 7850A model GV-R785OC-2GD is a graphics card by Gigabyte that is designed for serious gaming.

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tried everything . and I do mean everything.

1058pm i am jacks cautious lack of revenge

took video card circuitry only out of oven

by setting it to 450* degrees and leaving it in the oven

as it preheats…

took it out let it cool the R9 270x 2gb MSI

then put the circuitry

and video card back together in my computer which has a 1000watt dell power supply and an I3 4160 gigabyte board

everything is hooked up properly

such as 2 6pins in the video card, etc etc


i have plugged in dvi and hdmi

to the dvi / vga monitor. hdmi with adapters.


i have tried a 430 watt power supply.

what im trying to achieve oh YEAH a video card that outputs video.

EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS such as if i use a different video card in the

i3 it boots just fine

all signs point to this video card

Update (05/23/2020)

Also bios was reset windows reinstalled

tried installing drivers manually but of course it says no hardware found

still posts on motherboard video while card plugged in

Update (05/23/2020)

3.6ghz Intel i3 4160 cpu

Update (05/23/2020)

gigabyte ga-h81m-ds2v

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Has the card worked OK in the motherboard before?

If not what is the model number of the motherboard?


I’m sorry im not 100% computer literate

as far as i know the card has never worked

the motherboard is a i3 4160 @3.6ghz


But the fans spin on the video card that is all


Is it possible that the i3 is too high of frequency?

3.6ghz that sounds high


I mean I’ve heard of much higher frequencies

But not on “my” computer


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Hi @chukyx007 ,

You could try another known working GPU card in the same PCIe slot on the motherboard or try installing the GPU card in another PC to eliminate the remote possibility that the motherboard is the problem

Otherwise without a schematic of the card it will be very difficult to impossible to find the problem with the card.

When it gets to board level fault finding without the schematic (which most manufacturers do not release publicly), unless you are familiar with component problems peculiar to that model card, then all you can do is closely look for any obvious problems on the card such as damaged or heat stressed components as otherwise you would have to test nearly every component just to make sure that it is alright and if it is an IC type component, this is even more time consuming as you have to look up the datasheet to find out what it is by the markings on it which hopefully haven’t been obscured by the manufacturer.

Too time consuming at this point. Most opt for a board replacement

Good luck anyway

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