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Guides and repair information for Braven speakers.

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My Braven 705 wont charge though LED light is blinking?

I got an old Braven 705 and it worked well at that time. But I put it away for 5-6 months, forgot to charge...

Now the indicator LED is on but it seems that the device can not be charged (after 24hrs charging and the LED is still blinking). (I use a cable to test if the Braven 705 can charge my phone as a power bank or not, hm.. nothing happens).

So should I try anything else to solve this? In my region, I can’t find any store to replace the battery.

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Hi @shiba ,

Try replacing the battery - example only yourself and check if that resolves the problem. The supplier is only shown to give an idea of the cost and what it looks like. Just search for 18500 3.7V battery with solder tabs to get results that suit you. The solder tabs are important because there is a battery management pcb that is wired to the battery and it is very difficult to solder wires to a battery without tabs as it requires a lot of heat which may damage the battery.

Here’s a link that shows how to replace the battery in the speaker.

The battery shown in the speaker has a specification of 5.18WH which equates to approx. 1400mAH (at 3.7V) so when looking for a battery just find one that has a capacity of 1400mAH or more. Be aware that the greater the capacity of the battery, the longer it will play between charges but conversely it will also take longer to fully recharge

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Thanks a lottt, I will try this, though the is unavailable in my country, it seems that there are some rechargeable Li-ion batteries sellers.


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