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The Panasonic MX-SS40 Hand Blender is a portable kitchen appliance from Panasonic. First available on Amazon in August of 2015. Model number: MX-SS40BSM.

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motor is not working at all

the motor is not working at all

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I guess the motor of my hand blender has burnt out. Is there anyway to repair or replace? How much is it?



I have boroughs it from USA and when I put it plug in, it stopped working


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There could be a number of reason why it is not working.

A faulty operating switch, speed control, cord or perhaps the motor has burnt out.

With stick blenders it is recommended that they do not operate continuously for more than 30-45 seconds at a time before stopping for at least the same amount of time, if not a bit more, so as to not overheat the motor and burn it out.

The blender would have to be opened and tested to find what the actual problem is.

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