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The first generation Neon was introduced in January 1994 and manufactured until August 1999. It was available as a four-door notchback sedan and a two-door notchback coupe.

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How to change the iac valve

when i push the gas the car lost power like go fast and slow even when i pushing the gas

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is it "stuttering" even when idle or when you press the accelerator? if it got low on gas and sludge entered the fuel line maybe you should check the fuel filter?


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there are many steps involved. Download the Fuel System Part of the service manual right here and here is a great link with pictures and all. Let us know if this does help you out. Good Luck

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you think that when the speed go up and down and the car inside smell like smoke can be the catalyc convertyer, fuel filter or oxigen sensor the problem with the neon 95 is when you check the car with the computer dont read the codes and how can i know what part change help me please


the catalytic converter would be somewhat on the bottom of my list. It sounds like signs that the O2 sensor is on its way out. the usual symptoms for that are poor fuel economy ,the engine isnt running as smooth anymore and power is reduced when accelerating. Again, from here it is just more or less a guess, but a good place to start...


tanks i going to check this weekend to change the oxigen filter and i let you know what will happend


Hope it'll work out for you. Posted the manual on your other question....


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