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JBL SB-250 Soundbar IR Receiver / remote not working

I can confirm the TSOP38238 works like a charm. Thanks:)

Hi, thanks for reading my question:).

My IR Receiver stopped working “remote works fine, checked with phone camera, and double checked trying to pair my tv remote“.

I Guess the sensor went bad, I tried to measure any change in resistance while pointing the remote on it, but no sign of any life.

I want to replace it with a new one, but I don’t know what to get.. I was thinking about the TSOP38238.

Can some one help me out?


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


Nederlands antwoord is ook prima:)

Beantwoord! Bekijk het antwoord Dit probleem heb ik ook

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Hi @jamesquasi

I have the same problem.

I'm pointing the command, but no sign of life.

I don't know how to solve that problem.

Can I have some help?





TSOP38238 worked for me too!

Thanks for the help everybody!


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Hi @jamesquasi

According to the service manual (see p.34) IR801 - JBL part # 232200044009  has the following specifications, so your choice is not too bad but maybe it needs to be exact ;-)

receiver 2.7-5.5V HRM138aB710FC 37.9KHz

The manual has schematics so that may help as well. You can view the manual online although it is a bit slow doing it this way as you have to enter the page number at the bottom every time to go to the next page.

Just look at the page number of the relevant section in the index on p.1 and then go to the bottom and enter the page number in the box and click Go. If you want to download it you need to “sign up” though.

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Great link, thanks for your help. I have orderd the TSOP38238 due to avalability. If it wont work, ill go for the official spec.


TSOP38238 works like a charm


Hi @jamesquasi ,

Good news.

Thanks for the feedback.



Guys, same problem here: infrared not working.

Can't find TSOP38238 readily available. Could anyone suggest an alternative?

I found TSOP4838 and VS1838B, that seems to have the same specs...



VS1838B should be OK but here's a link showing suppliers of Vishay TSOP38238 and also of equivalent Adafruit Industries IR sensors that may help as well. Just click on the SKU link for the part to view the supplier details etc.


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Step 1:

check if your remote is working:

If yes, than you have another problem, continue to step 2.

Step 2:

This video shows you how to open the bar:

Step 3: Check if your ir Receiver works:

If Yes, you have another problem

if No, replace the IR receiver.

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@jamesquasi I'll try to follow every step of the instructions in the videos that you have provided the link.

I'll soon bring you news about the results.


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