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Soundbar with subwoofer, HTL2160C/12.

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Philips Soundbar needs multiple restarts to work

My Philips HTL2160C/12 soundbar has been acting up lately. At first, it wouldn’t make any sound after turning it on, but after turning it off and on again, it would work. Later, it would require more reboots. Recently, when in a reboot cycle, it sometimes has audio for a few seconds, then makes a sort of “cracking” or “electric” sound, stopping the audio again. Eventually though, it still functions, but I’ve had multiple sessions of clicking the On/Off button for over 15 minutes.

  • I’ve updated the firmware.
  • I’ve opened it up, but there does not seem to be obvious damage, although I haven’t performed a full teardown.
  • I have the soundbar hooked up through a 3.5mm audio jack. I’ve tried several cables and source devices.
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It damaged inside and it burned inside


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Hi @rood38 ,

Here’s the start of the troubleshooting section of the service manual for the soundbar.

This may be a good place to start when checking that the soundbar doesn’t start when turned on

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