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Model A1199 / 2, 4, or 8 GB capacity

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Can you get info off a dead iPod

my ipod fryed,can i still get my music and pics off of it...well frist,i appreciate your feed back,let me explain it is a ipod nano gen 2,i pluged it in to a FM modulator in my car the modulator was shorted out internaly it blew the fuse i unpluged the ipod and it would not turn on,i took the ipod apart and i saw a couple of small resistor burned on the logic board......Any Ideas....THANKS!!!!

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Big depends. Depends what you mean by fried, and depends how handy you are. Your data is stored on solid state memory chips and is "normally" not accessible if your logic board has failed.

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+ agree..... if somewhat functional, or turns on, you may be able to mount it with a Linux distro along with a program like GTKpod to pull data, photos, music off it.... like it says above depends on how damaged it is.


and if you are really talented and love to solder and reverse engineer, a NAND chip reader can be built.....:-)


I wish I could up you again for you last comment OTY. But as things stand you can't double up on ifixit.


Brian why did you not vote positive towards oldturkeys answer and put a + sign in your comment???


I did that just now (vote up), not sure why i didn't and the + sign ..... seen it in other postings, looked good at the time? ....if it has some kind of other meaning i don't know about? also been rather busy trying to sort out my new (used) laptop with new install of Linux ( switched distros).... in addition to my other ifixit activities i haven't checked on....and updating the home theater computer.


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