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Repair guides and troubleshooting for HP Pavilion dv7 laptops, manufactured by Hewlett-Packard starting in 2008, and featuring a 17.3" diagonal display.

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Caps lock and num lock one time blinking

Caps And Num lock one time blinking what this problem soltuion

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Could you give a bit more detail ? Does it boot up, etc.?


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Hi @sakirkhan ,

According to this link a 1 blink Caps Lock/Number lock error code for HP laptops made before 2015 indicates that there is a problem with the CPU.

What is the full model number of your laptop?

Has the laptop been dropped or gotten wet at all?

Have you tried starting it with the charger connected?

What have you tried?

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Hp pavilion dv7 1267cl



my laptop model - HP Pavilion dv7- 1267cl

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Hi @sakirkhan ,

Your laptop is no longer supported by HP so there is no official documentation about it, so it is difficult to tell if the problem is the CPU or the motherboard.

Replacing just the CPU (I think that it is just plugged in and not hard mounted on the motherboard) might not work and could damage the new CPU if the problem was on the motherboard.

You would need to find the schematic of the motherboard online (search for "(insert motherboard 'board' number) schematic" to hopefully find it and then start checking things like the power supplies in the motherboard etc.. This would take a lot of time

The other alternative is to replace the motherboard and CPU but given that the laptop is from 2009 it has reached the end and may already be struggling to keep up with the software and it may be an expensive exercise to get it working this way for what might be only a short amount of time before it cannot function properly or satisfactorily and you get frustrated because of this.


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