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The HP Envy h8-1534 is a Windows 7 desktop PC. It includes a built-in HP Multi-Display Capable technology that supports two monitors at once so users can multi-task. The HP Envy h8-1534 was released in January 2013.

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Black Screen With Cursor

My PC Keeps Going To A Black Screen with a cursor and it makes a beep sound when i click somthing on the keyboard or windows open sound and it keeps doing that at wrong times and i have to always restart my pc and i have a Windows 8 and am 11

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There are some possible reasons why it happened,

1. Bad Graphic Card Drivers,

2. Bad / Corrupted OS causing it.

3. Check HDD, sometimes degraded HDD can cause this issues, and corrupting system files.


Possible defective ram


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2 Antwoorden

First, backup all your stuff.

Then from a CMD window run CHKDSK C: /f

Then run SFC /scannow

You may also need to run this DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

Then reinstall the display driver and any other outdated drivers.

Then search for and download any W10 drivers you need and upgrade to W10. I believe you can still do it for free.

NOTE: if there are no W10 drivers for some of your devices, the W7 MAY work fine.

Since the computer came with W7, I don't think W11 will install because of hardware.

Run the update as an update, not a clean install.

If that doesn't work, you may need to do a clean install to get rid of the old registry.

You can revert back to W8. OR you can use Macrium Reflect Free to image your current system.

Reinstalling the image is painless - just make sure you create a recovery medium (USB stick).

However, If you don't want to or can't run W10, I would load W7 - IMHO, It is way better than W8.

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Restart the Graphics Driver

The easy and quick fix for the black screen with cursor issue is to restart the graphics driver. For that, you have to press Win + Ctrl + Shift + B at the same time to restart your graphics driver



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