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The Yamaha PSR-195 is a 61-key portable MIDI keyboard released in 1998.

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Why is my Yamaha PSR-E253 automatically keeps on playing tempo?!

My yamaha keyboard (Piano) PSR-E253 automatically plays tempo right after I turn the keyboard on. Or even after a minute while playing some chords. I love to play the piano but I get mad since while i play some chords for a song then the tempo plays and music starts to play. I pressed the Portable Grand Piano then it switches to tempo again!. I don’t know what to do. Pleaseee helppppppppp.

Update (03/23/2020)

Hi. Thank you for answering. @jayeff

Umm… I don’t even know if it is on or off. How do i know?.

Theres a button that says Function in here.

Block Image

And if I press on it it’s like you choose something… and theres something called YourTemp….. I pressed some minus sign and it says off but still I don’t know if it.s the tempo function. It still keeps on playing tempo.

Block Image

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bruh i have the same keyboard and i’m jus tryna make some beats, but i need to loop to do that but it keeps playing this wack tempo beat instead.


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Hi @its_yna ,

Have you checked that the tempo/tap button is not half operated?

If not try tapping the button or the area around the button to check if you can make it come and go.

Don’t know the keyboard but have you checked if the tempo function is set to On or Off and if changing this makes a difference at all?

Block Image

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Hi @its_yna ,

Your image of the tempo function shows that it is ON so maybe you have to check the tempo for whatever mode the keyboard is in when it is first turned on, unless you have already done that.

Try resetting the tempo by pressing the tempo/tap button to bring up the tempo value in the display, then press the + & - buttons both together to reset the tempo and check if that resolves the problem.

If that doesn't work try the following:

Press and hold down the rightmost white key (C) while turning ON the keyboard.

Once the power is ON, release the key. The keyboard will reinitialize to the original factory settings.

Do you have batteries installed in the keyboard or do you only use the power adapter?

If you have batteries, remove them and then press and hold the keyboard's power button for 20 seconds and then release. Reinstall the batteries and turn on the keyboard and check.


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