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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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New thermal paste and pads - system overheating and shutting down

So, like many, my Xbox One X was becoming a jet-plane on every single game. Fan was insanely loud. So I decided I'd do the ol' clean up and new thermal paste / pads.

I followed the recommended YouTube videos that are passed around here often. I did a "pea size" dab of paste, not too much. I did some new 2mm square thermal pads on the VRAM where the originals used to be.

The box actually blasts the fan even louder now. It just takes off. And then shuts down immediately. It's worse than before. I've taken it apart twice now, redone the thermal paste twice, double-checked the pads. The clamp has the sink down nice and tight. Everything is making contact. The air it's blowing out is cold too, I might add.

What's going on? It's out of warranty, it'd cost me $250 to send it in. This should be an easy fix. I'm not new to thermal paste, I build PCs, I've repaired stuff before. This is confusing the !&&* out of me.

Thanks in advance. Hope this is solvable :(

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It turned out to be the thermal pads. They did not compress enough and were causing a very small air-gap between the APU and the heatsink. New Grizzly Thermal pads compressed better and created a full contact.

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I am having the exact same problem, after fixing a hard drive problem, I decided it was a good idea to replaced the thermal paste with arctic silver 5 and the green thermal paste circles (looks and feels like play-doh) I used 2mm thermal pad... but now I have a really loud console with fans working at top speed when playing any game, today my xbox shutted down because it was overheating... could you help me with the thickness of the thermal pads you used? I also found that CS LABS K5 PRO Viscous Thermal Paste is recommended.

any suggestions when installing the thermal pads? did you cut the pads in circles or as the vram shape?

thanks in advance


Hey, what 2mm pads did you get? The solution turned out to be going with the Grizzly Thermal Pads off Amazon, as they compressed better and allowed the APU and heatsink to make full contact. The other thermal pads were very stiff and felt like rubber and wouldn't squish down properly like the original pads. The Grizzly pads are more like that putty play dough feeling.

RDR2 and Gears 5 still make the fan blow quite loud, but overall the system is happy and quieter.

Make sure your heatsink is fully contacting the APU. I just cut squares that were approximately the same size as the VRAM.


Thank you so mucho Matthew, the pad used is Nikou CPU Thermal 2mm not a good option I see... since I am in Mexico the products shipped from Amazon USA are limited or the shipment is extremely expensive... I am waiting for the K5 Pro Thermal Paste to arrive, I will let you know the outcome, if it does not work as expected I will try the Grizzly pads.



Can you provide a lnk too the pads you use ?


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I know you mentioned you built computers but have you cleaned out the dust from the heat sinks? Are you certain it’s over heating? Or is it thinking it’s overheating? Meaning that even if it’s not getting hot, it’s still ramping up the fan speed?

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