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Rather than relying on indirect radiation, convection, or thermal conduction, induction uses the magnetic aspects of the metal pot to oscillate the magnet field so results in resistive heating to cook your food.

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How to repair beko induction hob?


since yesterday I’ve issue with my induction hob - Beko HII64500FT - when I try to start it, it immediately turns off, details in youtube video below, does anyone know, where could be the problem or how to fix it?

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Mere indection me line nahi Aa raha hai

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krishna gupta What make and model? Are you saying it is not turning on at all? We need more details to help you.


kya mek aur modal? kya aap kah rahe hain ki yah bilkul chaaloo nahin ho raha hai? aapakee sahaayata ke lie hamen aur vivaran chaahie.


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