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The 2008-2014 (fifth generation) Honda City was unveiled in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2008. In South Africa, the Honda City is called the Honda Ballade.

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Printable solution left print on the Body of Car

Kids rub some mehndi solution on car door. Which left the print on white color. How to remove this print.

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FYI - Mehndi solution = lemon juice and sugar solution to set a drying mehndi design on the skin (also known as Henna) used in India and Arab designs on the skin for the bride.


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The stain you have on your car door is caused by the citric acid in the Lemon juice which damages the finish.

There is nothing you can do to wash this off. Depending how far the stain is you might be able to buff it out with car polish.

Otherwise you’ll need to speak with a body shop to see if they can repair it.

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