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The iView SupraPad 776TPCII is a 7" touch screen Android tablet.

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No sound on the tablet

It has a headphone symbol in the top right corner beside the WiFi and battery symbol but nothing is hooked up to it and it has no sound..

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Do you still hear audio through a set of headphones connected to the tablet?

If so, you have a stuck contact inside the tablet’s headphone jack.

Try gently inserting and removing the plug from a set of headphones into the tablet’s headphone jack a few or more times and check if this releases the contact and that the audio is now heard from the main speakers. Try gently, stress gently wiggling it about from side to side when it is inserted

You will know if the contact has released by doing this as the headphone icon will no longer be there with the headphones unplugged.

If this doesn’t work then the tablet will have to be opened and the jack replaced as it cannot be repaired.

Here’s a link to the ifixit iView-776TPCII Repair guides which may help in gaining access.

The hard part may be finding the correct replacement part. I searched online with no success. You may have better luck.

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