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The second generation Suzuki Vitara is slightly larger than the first generation. A rebadged version was sold in North America as the Chevrolet Tracker.

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check engine light does not burn

My suzuki grand vitara failed an emissions control test because the check engine light would not turn on for test. I was told to reset the control system by disconnecting the battery for a few seconds. Ran it for while, light functioned for a while then went out again. Bulb is fine. What else could be the problem.

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Hi @smr2cmpn ,

Does the check engine light come on when you turn the ignition key to the On position?

Various warning lights including the check engine light, on the instrument panel will light up when the ignition key is in this position and all should go out very shortly after the engine has started.

If the check engine light stays on are there any other lights staying on as well?

The check engine light should not stay on after the engine has started or come on once the engine has started unless there is a problem with the engine.

Have you had the car’s OBDII port scanned for any codes? If there are any and the check engine light has been operating intermittently the codes should help you know what the problem may be.

If you are in the USA, AutoZone will check for the codes for free apparently.

What is the model year of the vehicle?

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