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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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If I transfer my logicboard on an identical iPhone, would I lose data?

I dropped my iPhone 6 in water. I’ve been dying it for a few days. When I try to turn it on the apple logo comes on and off in a loop every 3-5 seconds. It won't go into restore mode or dfu. Someone told me that means the phone is shorting somewhere.

I have currently opened the phone and taken the screen and the logic board out to let them dry. My understanding is that the “phone”, in terms of the pics and data I have stored, is all on that logic board. So here is the question. Assuming that the logic board is not fried, if I was to get an identical iPhone, opened it up, and swapped this logic board in that host phone (along with the original home button), what would happen when I turned that phone on? Would the phone automatically perform a factory reset and erase all my data, or would it turn on like a normal phone with all my pics and data intact?

Just to clarify it again, I am not talking about putting a new logic board in my phone. I am talking about putting my existing logic board in a host phone so I can access my pics and data.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.

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Yes, the logic board is the phone and if you were to put it into another housing, it would just work as it did before.

However, your logic board is most certainly fried. The water and subsequent corrosion is what causes the most damage. You made things worse by letting it “dry” for several days. All that does is allow the corrosion to fester and spread. The proper thing to do with a water damaged device is to remove the board, preferably remove the shields and do a good soak in high purity IPA to displace the water.

The board may be repairable but in my experience, it will probably be a flaky phone with all kinds of weird problems. The exception to this rule is when the water damage is very localized to a non critical area. In the case of the iPhone 6, when C5201_RF gets shorted and nothing else, then the phone can be 100% recoverable. But when the water gets to the PMIC, NAND, CPU etc, you usually have more latent issues. At this point, you should consider getting the data to be a success, never mind the phone.

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Thank you for your answer. Would I be able to undo the corrosion damage by submerging the board in that liquid before I do the transfer? Or is the corrosion final?


Maybe, that depends on how bad the corrosion is. At this point, you don't have much to lose although a repair shop that has an ultrasonic bath maybe able to get better results.


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