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55PUS6262 No Power to TV

All of a sudden my Philips 4K TV would not turn on. Tried different sockets power cable and even replaced the Power supply board as I first suspected that might be the issue.

I now am pretty certain that it is the main motherboard

Block Image

I am struggling to find the exact model number as a replacement board for my TV as I'm sure I've not only got to match the board model number but also TV model number and screen.

Can this board be repaired? How do I go about diagnosing where the fault on the board may lie? It's not powering up at all. LED302 on board shows green when all plugged in with power supply etc.

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@faisalgondal with everything connected you need to check the power board to make sure that you are having power to it. then check the voltages from the power board connector to the main board and compare those to the values printed on the power board. Yes it is possible that this is a main board issue but also possible that it is a IR/button board issue not telling the main board to turn on power supply. Anyhow, yes it can be replaced all you need to do is an online search with the boards numbers


Multiples available for a pretty decent price

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Thanks. I was told that I don't just need to match the board model number but also need to match to the lcd screen as well as TV model number, otherwise it won't work. Is there any truth in this?


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