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Support and repair guides for the 2002-2008 Mazda 6. The first generation of the Mazda 6, also known as the Mazda6 and the Mazda Atenza (in China and Japan).

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Where is the locations of the O2 sensors on a 2007 Mazda 6 2.3L V4

I have trouble codes showing that the O2 sensor are bad and also my engine ignition fuse has blown out twice and want to know if there is a diagram that can show me where all the sensors are located so I can also see if there is any loose wires.

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@noobguru there is one O2 sensor in each exhaust manifold and one after each catalyst for a total of four. Check for #’s 7,8,9,10

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Does anyone have the diagram for 2006 mazda 6 3.0L engine?


on 2003 mazda 6i 2.3L. where is bank 1 sensor 1? I know its up front on the cat, but which one?


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