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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Upgrading an early 2009 iMac

Hi all,

My iMac is about 10 years old now and I am wondering if anyone ever tried to get this machine back to 2020 specs.

I could buy a new one but it will be much more fun for me if I can give my old friend a new life.

Thanks in advance,


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@djdtje wouldn’t that be great? It’s Apple so you already know it ain’t going to get anywhere close to the 2020 specs. At this point you are most likely limited to updating to an SSD and maxing out your RAM. This should be a pretty good improvement in the performance of a 10 year old iMac. I am certain that it still can provide you with years of solid computing service. Reduce, Reuse Repurpose….;-)

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266

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Make sure the SSD is backward compatible to Serial ATA (3 Gb/s) SATA II


What I want to achieve is basically to rebuild the iMac. I haven't find anyone who did this before for this specific model. I don't mind to make a Hackintosh out of it or let a Mac mini fit.


A sows ear is just that a sows ear not a silk purse! As much as you want a silk purse.

This systems logic board and CPU is limited to what it is. The only things you can improve is adding a bit more RAM as well as improving the drive to an SSD and that's it!

Here's the specs for this system: iMac 20-Inch "Core 2 Duo" 2.66 (Early 2009) Max RAM 8.0 GB.

these are still great systems for writing, email and some web browsing if you update the browser.


That is why I want to change the logic board and other components. I don't want to upgrade the current system but rebuild it. I only want to keep the shell and if possible the screen. For rebuilding the computer I need your advice because I don't know what should be the logic way to do this.

I was thinking about using components of a brand new Mac mini or something similar.


@djdtje AIOs are all nonstandard so you're stuck. Unless you want to buy a new iMac, you're stuck with the Core 2 hardware.

It's like I can't add Metal 2 to my 2011 MBP without a new display - I'm better off scoring one that's severely underpriced and buying a new machine instead of buying a screen and board - even if I have to get one with the common HD cable failure and keep my mouth shut.


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