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The iView SupraPad 776TPCII is a 7" touch screen Android tablet.

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charging USB port bent

How do I open my tablet and fix the pins in the charging port? It will only work if I wiggle, put pressure on and hold a particular USB charger in a perfect place & that changes every time. Pls respond I have no idea what I’m doing. Thank you

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@iiwilltry use these guides iView-776TPCII to at least get you into the tablet and remove the motherboard. The USB port is solder to the motherboard. This will require you to desolder it. Then you will have to find a proper replacement. You can try and scour ebay or Amazon for one or check places like or after you measure your USB port. Once you have a replacement you will have to solder it to the motherboard. If you have never done soldering on a circuit board I recommend you practice on some old boards first.

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Thanks for your answer-But I'm not going to be able to do this-Can't I just open the tablet and gently bend the pins back in place?


for that you would not have to open it. You can try and bend them back in place and hope they do not break and that it will work. You will have to use something non-metallic to try Usually there is wear and tear on the connector that causes this issue.


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