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Merch Source Projector Entertainment II device page. This is an identical product to the Shift 3 Light Blast Entertainment Projector.

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will not connect to laptop

I am trying to project a slideshow ive made for my recently deceased uncles memorial.. I have the black version of the projector. which as is stated, not identical, to this green one. but I cannot find a guide for it anywhere. I bought a rca to hdmi adapter. and it still does not connect to my laptop. I have until the 25th of January, 2020 to fix it. please help

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Hi @randy3 ,

What is the make and model number of the laptop?

I assume that HDMI output is available on the laptop, is this correct?

Also assume that projector has Composite RCA inputs (yellow + red/white) is this correct, or is it Component RCA inputs (red/blue/green + red/white)? The + red/white is for the audio connection in both cases

If it is Composite video input, did you get a HDMI to RCA converter like this (example only -either externally powered or powered by the HDMI port) or an HDMI to RCA adapter cable like this?

The HDMI to RCA adapter cable (not the converter) won’t work because there is nothing to convert the digital HDMI video signal into the analogue Composite video signal that is required by devices with RCA yellow + red/white cable inputs.

The seller of the adapter cable in this example did put a disclaimer at the bottom saying that a converter would be needed if you want to use this adapter cable, many don’t unfortunately.

The same problem would apply if you have Component video input on the projector as Component video is also an analogue signal.

You would then have to use a HDMI to Component converter -example only

Note Converters are one way only so check what connection type is shown on the input side of the converter as this has to match the output connection type of the device sending the signal and obviously the output connection type from the converter has to match the input connection type of the receiving device

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It all makes sense now! we bought the cord that was hdmi and rca, and it didn’t work. After buying the converter box though, we now have it at least projecting. If only I could get the display to be more clear !

thank you


Hi @randy3 ,

Check if you can alter the external "monitor" settings in the laptop, i.e.screen resolution, refresh rate etc. to get a clearer picture

Right click anywhere on the desktop and select display settings and select the 2nd monitor (I think, long time since I ran two monitors)


I had briefly looked at that. ill take a closer look in the A.M. thank you so much


Hi @randy3 ,

Glad to help

Sorry for your loss.

I hope you can get it going to your satisfaction


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