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Released in October, 2015. Identified by Model Number GL752VW-DH74.

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GL753VE Asus Rog Over heating problems

Good day everyone! So my laptop is always over heating. I dont even play games on it any more. The Rog fan doesnt even seem to be working or its not on. I have tried reading some of the other post about asus computer over heating but the truth is I dont understand what most people are saying. I dont know anthting about the GPU or voltage etc. If someone can please explain to me in simpler terms what to do? I dont know which driver I need to update? I dont have my computer in high performance (At least I think I dont) Any help? Kind regards

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Hi @reyesinc ,

If you can’t “feel” the air coming from the fan vent or hear the fan then that is not a good sign as fans run most of the time in laptops, especially when playing games.

Here’s a link to a video that show how to check if the fan is working (3:30 minutes into the video) and how to replace it if it is faulty.

Replacement fans are available online.

Just search for Asus GL753VE fan to get results for suppliers of the part.

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