Why does my iMac screen turn on sometimes and other times not at all

Hi, I have an iMac late 2009 21.5” and the screen will turn on and boot up normally but when it goes to sleep or if I shut it down it will boot up with a black screen and the fans running high but not really high.

Any help would be appreciated:)


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Let's see what diagnostics tells you. One of the grey CD's will have it. Boot up under it and run it. If you don't have the CD you'll need to use the onboard diagnostics following this Apple T/N How to use Apple Hardware Test on your Mac

Did you get any error code?


Right now nothing is booting, showing on the screen or anything. It’s completely dead I tried an SMC reset and still there’s nothing. Is it possible me changing around the ram is causing it to not boot?


Also I opened it up and saw that the screen is an LG display is that normal?


Exactly what did you do with the RAM and when did you do it? Was it working before or after you altered the RAM?


When I got it from my customer it had 3 gb of ram so I knew that he had done something with the ram so I left it 2 sticks (1gb each) and filled the other to slots with a 4gb and a 2gb so I have eight now. And I read that if you take the ram out then it will make an alarm go off and will shut down so I wanted to try it, that was when it was booting up but didn’t show anything on the screen.


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