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2nd Generation high performance tablet computer released by Apple on June 2017. Model A1670.

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Why are the iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd Gen screens so expensive?

I am trying to source a replacement screen for an iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd gen (1670). The prices are beyond outrageous often costing as much or more than buying another device refurbished or used. The lowest I’ve seen is around $350 or so. A came across a couple of ads from small repair shops claiming to do glass only repairs, but even they charge over $300.

In comparison, the same size 1st Gen screens are practically given away, selling for around $150 to $200. What makes the 2nd gen prices go from outrageous to absurd, is the cost of the 3rd Gen screens. These are the latest models and you can find them for around $300 and sometimes less!

What’s going on here? I’m hoping the prices come down to earth, but I’m not holding my breath, given the equally absurd prices for older Retina MacBook Pro displays.

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Apple does not want you to repair it, they either want to do it themselves or sell you a new one. Apple is now requiring recyclers to grind their Apple products up rather than parting them out to accomplish this.

Fight for your rights!

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