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Budget tablet, model DL1016 running of a Cortex-A35 MTK8167 processor

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Micro USB charging port replacement

My kids seem to be going through tablets constantly. Several Amazon fire’s and a couple of these DigiLand tablets. All models have the same type of charging port and that’s always the problem. They stop charging, it’s impossible to keep the charger plugged into it, or the little flat piece inside the micro usb is loose or broken. I know it’s from the constant plugging and unplugging on the fly and done improperly. I can’t break them of it! But I’m tired of buying new tablets…I want to fix this on my own. Are all micro usb ports on Amazon the same that I can just purchase any one…or are they specific? How do you replace them?

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Hi @tiff07 ,

Here’s a link to the ifixit Digiland 10.1'' DL1016 Motherboard Replacement guide.

This will help you to open the tablet to gain access to the micro USB charge port connector

It is an smd (surface mounted device) type component so you will need smd soldering tools and skills to do the replacement.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how to remove and replace smd USB connectors

Micro USB connectors (or any other USB connectors for that matter) are not all the same.

They vary is to whether they are horizontal mount, vertical mount, smd or through hole type etc, etc.

A most important consideration if you have found what you think is a suitable replacement is to check the position of the connector’s mounting lugs on the body of the connector.

Theses are soldered to pads on the circuit board to provide the mechanical support necessary to hold the connector in position so that there is less strain put on the connector’s pin connections on the board.

If you get a connector with the mounting lugs in the wrong position in relation to where the solder pads have been provided on the board it will not last very long just being held by the pin connections.

I couldn’t find a replacement connector for your model but here’s a link to a supplier of connectors for a very close model tablet by the same manufacturer so hopefully the same connector was used.

Once you have the tablet open check the position of the mounting lugs against the picture in the link to see if they are the same and if so that they can be used.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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