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AC to DC Power Circuit Board Component identification?

The original design input is 120V /60Hz

In my region, I only have step down transformer from 220V 50hz to 120V 50Hz.

I measure the DC output is 20.4Vdc

I can’t find any information about the TenPao-X TP130-3 transform information, so that I am not sure 20.4Vdc is sufficient or not

Block Image

Any other way I can find out the original design DC output voltage?

On the other hand, is the power circuit board support 220V 50hz input?

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@winson2020 I am a bit confused by this. We are looking at a power supply for what type of device? You connect the power supply to a step down transformer and receive 20.4VDC on the power supply?


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This switching power supply takes your 120V AC 50Hz to about 170V DC, and then brings it down to the lower DC voltage. It really doesn’t care if it’s 50 or 60Hz, as this will only increase the 170V to maybe 180V. The regulator can handle this difference.

I would say it will work perfectly fine off 120V 50Hz.

It *may* work on 220V 50Hz. That 400V capacitor is the hint that this power supply is designed for 220V.

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