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Launched on November 2014, the HP Stream 13 is a thin unibody Windows® laptop priced to compete with Chromebooks and the entry level MacBook Air.

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How do you replace the intergrated memory?


I like fixing computers and my mum got a new computer because her old one had only 32GB and it is soldered on to the motherboard. There is a way of getting more storage and that is by removing the wifi card and i dont want to do that. But i am wondering how do youm remove the old memory and which one should i buy. I would wish for a 128 GB memory one.

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Bespaar door het te repareren met een alles-in-één kit.

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Bespaar door het te repareren met een alles-in-één kit.

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You can’t. The eMMC and RAM is soldered to the board on the Stream and the vast majority of these laptops that are so bad they qualify for the $35 license. Some of them may use modular parts, but they’re not easy to come by since many of these are configured to make the beancounter happy - HP’s beancounters are the stingiest. Part of the reason they have horrible onboard storage because it’s part of the Microsoft Cloud Book requirements, since it’s a not so subtle nudge to sell OneDrive. This article goes into the problem.

Get a 128GB MicroSD card and take this as a lesson on why you need to do some basic research first. If the eMMC ever dies, the whole motherboard has to be replaced.

The issue with value on these is you can do better with an older business laptops, but keep in mind they don’t include the free year of Office 365 (which usually expires around the time these are no longer usable) since they’re too well equipped to qualify. Size for size at a similar price point easily buys you an E6220/30 with a full power CPU - but may throttle if pushed hard (“M” series). If you have the money, you can look for an E72X0 as well - the catch is it will have an Intel ULV CPU, which will be somewhat compromised - but FAR less compromised then a ULV Celeron (“U” series). As a general rule, if you want one with an SSD from day one you will pay more upfront - even the OEM 128GB LiteOn SSD.

This is your “SSD” and RAM in these laptops:

Block Image

Block Image

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@thelittledude The RAM is soldered too. You cannot upgrade these things. Can you remove the RAM on this PC?

They're legitimately just eWaste when they get to be too old.


If the eMMC chip is damaged would it be possible to remove the eMMC chip from the motherboard with a hot air station and boot from a 2.5" Hdd? Or would the computer sense a short and not start up?


@Jon K No, BUT if you can find a similar or compatible eMMC chip, yes. You could even upgrade it to 64-128GB if the controller allows.

However, it is not cost effective.


Is there anywhere to find replacement chips? Are they very specific or universal, could I pull one off an old phone or other device?


@Jon K The pinout needs to match.


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