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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Why is my phone going straight to message bank?

My phone will not ring out or ring in but goes straight to message bank on incoming calls


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But if your internet was still working on same landline, that means it is not the telephone connection that is the problem, wouldn't it.


Hi @Graham Clements

There is no mention of an internet phone connection in the question, but if it were it could still be a corrupted phone setting in the modem that will cause the phone service to be not working but the internet service still could be, and sometimes it can be resolved by a simple power refresh of the modem


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If you can’t get dial tone to make an outgoing call and incoming calls are going straight to messagebank (voicemail?) try disconnecting the base station from the telephone socket and then call the phone number from another phone, e.g. a mobile phone

If the call still goes to messagebank there may be a fault on the line or in the telephone exchange that will prevent you getting dial tone for outgoing calls and indicates that the line is busy and incoming calls are being redirected to messagebank.

Contact your phone service provider regarding the problem.

If the calling phone receives the ring tone signal then there may be a fault in the base station or the handset.

If you have a corded phone try plugging it into the telephone socket and see if the service works normally.

If you haven’t got a corded phone, with the base station disconnected from the telephone socket try calling the number again and when you’re getting the ring tone signal in the calling phone, use a pair of scissors or pliers to short out the two wires in the phone socket to check that the ring tone signal in the calling phone stops. This proves that the line is OK all the way to the premises and that the correct number is there as well.

What is the model number of the phone?

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