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Released in 2014, the ROG Gladius is a gaming mouse with a customizable DPI up to 6400. It is made for right-handed folks with two thumb buttons on the left side and a right-handed contoured shape.

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No pointer arrow shown

When I plug the mouse there is no arrow on the screen. However, I can click and see the right-click context menu.

I guess it has to do with the optical receiver, did any of you experienced the same problem or managed to change the optics?


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Hi @krlsbc

can you try moving the cursor and do right click? does it stay the same place?

Are you using laptop or desktop?

if laptop there could be some touchpad settings you can see on control panel to tweak around on.

Had you tried on the below solution yet?

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Hi Augustine, thanks for your answer and sorry for the initial lack of information.

· I'm using a desktop.

· Even after moving the mouse, the context menu is in the same place.

· With another mouse, everything works flawlessly.

I'll check the provided solution and came back with more information.



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Maybe role back mouse driver or update. Just a punt

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