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The Samsung L100 was a Digital Camera that was released in February 2008.

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My camera wont stay on.

The camera comes on, the green light on the back flashes once. The lense starts to come out, then immediately retracts followed by 3 beeps.

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I go with a stuck lens. It can cause errors the way you described yours. Check on here for more info


I'd agree with oldturkey, it's a good link too


Hi there

I'm sure you have problem with lens of camera . is not that eays to be fix by ur self if you don't have exprince on repair camera but you can try .

you have to know some time after fix it stil you have problem that is u can see line on you lcd screen . is mean you have change your lens .

I do repair cameras .


Hi there

I think you had problem with lens Of your camera ./ maybe you dropprd your camera.


I seem to be having the same fault with my Samsung L100 camera. I fitted a replacement battery and still the same fault is present


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First, a easy fix, charge the battery overnight, put it in, power it up, if you yield the same result, replace the battery and see what happens

I will update this after we have more details on what happens and what you did to troubleshoot

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I think the answer is in the question Read the second sentence carefully....


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