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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Callers cannot hear me

I have a Uniden DECT 6.0 I can can hear callers but they cannot hear me?

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Hi @distanceman ,

Have you tried pressing the Message/mute button to make sure that the microphone has not been "muted"?

Have you tried using the "speakerphone" option to see if you can be heard OK or not? This option uses the phone's speaker as a microphone and not the normal microphone which is situated at the bottom end of the phone.

Press the speaker button (button above talk/flash button) when on a call.

If you still cannot be heard have you got another identical phone that can be connected to the base station to prove whether the problem is in the phone or the base station?

If the phone is not a Uniden 1760 what is the model number of the phone?

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I don’t know the model,,,it’s old and the base #1 phone. The #2 phone works perfectly. I can dial out on both phones but incoming on #1 callers cannot hear me!


@Barbara Moeller

The model number is usually found either under the base station or under the battery in the battery compartment of the handset


Don’t know the model #, just DECT6.0


@Barbara Moeller

So there's no brand name on the phone or base station and no info label in the places I've indicated?


xdect 8155+148033102


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Is the phone's base station connected to an internet modem i.e. phone service over internet connection or direct to a telephone cable socket?

If a modem, try power cycling the modem and check if the phone works OK i.e. turn off the power to the modem → wait 2 minutes → turn on power to the modem → allow time for modem to initialize etc → test phone.

If not an internet phone service (or even if it is but power cycling the modem didn't work) but it is a direct phone line, can you be heard when using the base station to answer an incoming call by pressing the Speaker button on the base station?

If you can but you can't be heard from the phone then there's a problem with the phone

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