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A garage door opener is a motorized device that opens and closes garage doors and is controlled by switches on the garage wall.

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Winter is here and my garage door does not stay closed

my craftsman 1/2 hp garage door closes and opens fine. However, when i close the door via remote or the wall panel, the door goes down, hits the floor for a few seconds, and then comes back up.

Here is a video that may explain better:

I’ve gone through the forums and have checked the following:

  1. checked the 2 censors to make sure they are aligned and the green light is on,.
  2. I’ve cleaned everything around the sensors it to make sure there is no obstruction.
  3. I have also unplugged and plugged in the power to the motor
  4. I’ve played around with the up and down tension adjustments in the back
  5. I’ve tried holding the wall button to by-pass the sensor. The door still doesn’t stay down. Which makes me wonder if the issue is with the motor unit?

I called a couple of repair guys and they both quoted me $150 to come check it out. I am hoping someone here can help from having this unexpected expense.

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@jonathan73 what model is your opener?


Craftman 1/2 H.P is the model.

It's made by Sears and model number is 139.18874

I have also included a video link as part of the original posting so you can see it.

Thank you.


hello, any idea what the issue is? For a slightly similar issue, someone mentioned on another thread it's could be the tension cable. Could this be the issue?


hi, there is no other sensor from what i can see. Model is craftsman (Sears) number is 139.18874

i’ve played around with the up/down arrows. Nothing helps.


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hi, wanted to give everyone an update. The issue was indeed related the up/down distance settings. However, my up/down lever had somehow loosened from the opener so had to get some professional help to remove the box and fix it (i guess I could could have done that , but i was a bit concerned with getting electrocuted :) . Thankfully, the guy that came over to fix it was an honest guy and didn't charge me much. I'd definitely be calling him the next time there is an issue. I hope this will help someone else having the same issue.

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Great to hear your problem was solved! :-D


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There’s a sensor on the horisontal top slide? If so you’ve checked it actually switches? I don’t know the type, but my guess is that the limits are off (either a motor unit setting or a (malfunctioning) sensor) so the motor detects “overload” just after the door is closed (and thus reverses)…

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