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A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment; the PlayStation 4 Slim (CUH-2000 Series) is a thinner replacement model for the original PS4. Announced September 7, 2016.

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Do I need a new hard drive?

Ok so i think I damaged my ps4 by leaving it on for too long and it’d over heat. The issues I’m having are the ps4 shutting down when I try to load any game and getting a message saying the software is corrupted. I’ve tried many times now rebuilding the data base and even initializing it as well but still nothing. Do I need a new hard drive? Or anything else?

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Hi @ramirezchris64 

If there are no important data on this hard disk, you can remove it and test it on a PC.

most hard disk manufacturer provides their in house software to test HDD.

you can download and test it.

Since SSD (Solid State Drives) price are reasonable now, I would suggest you to get this instead, which I recommend for replacement, as for reliability and speed. Brands like samsung, micron should be good.

I will also get this enclosure for standby.

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The one I recommend to check hard drive health is hard disk sentinel.

If the drive reports any weak or bad sectors on the program the hard drive should be replaced.

In the rare case that it comes up with just 1 weak sector this can actually be reused without needing hard drive replacement.


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Yes, you need a new HDD, preferably solid-state. I’m going through the exact same thing and the best thing to do is take out the bad HDD and leave it alone until you can clone it to an HDD of the same or bigger size. Chances are, the new HDD will inherit the corruption, but a database rebuild should do the trick, although you may lose some data in the process. Make sure to back up all your data beforehand, if you can.

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