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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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motion drive belt came off 10 hp 30" deck mower.

motion drive belt came off my Murray Riding Lawn Mower model 30550X92. Need routing diagram and tips on the best way to re-install.

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Can you let me know what size belt I need to replace on my Murray 12hp 30 inch


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I can not seem to get your precise number out of my manuals but posted the 30500 series diagram which is identical. Here are the instructions for the belt change. Good Luck.

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I see how the transmission belt is routed and that is a great help, but how the heck do u get to it...?


what is the belt size? belt is too destroyed to get any numbers


rappie1952 you clicked on the blue link in my original answer? That will tell you how to change the belt. If your mower is identical to the one from the OP then your drive belt has Murray part number 037X65MA and apparently is a 1/2x30inch belt


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My 10 hp 30” Craftsman is basically the same as the Murray.

I have found the best way to replace the 37 x 65 motion drive belt is this:

  1. With the pedal disengaged and the front wheels turned to the right, remove the mower deck and the belt. The manual explains how this is done.
  2. Engage the clutch and set the brake. Remove the four nuts from the 1/2” bolts that fasten the transaxle to the mower, but don’t remove the bolts. Remove the nut and the short carriage bolt from the bracket on the rear of the mower.
  3. Raise the rear of the mower about 2 or 3 inches with a floor jack, while observing the four axle bolts. They should stay in the holes of the axle.
  4. Route the motion belt as the manual states, starting from the stack pulley, and work it to the drive pulley. At least one belt guide will need to be loosened during this procedure.
  5. Carefully feel the drive pulley, there will now be enough space to slip the motion belt over it, making sure it is routed correctly.
  6. Reverse the procedure. It takes me about 2 hours to do this.

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Identical to Yard King CE riding mower. I had to reverse the transaxle bolts and slacken off the idler pulley nut but otherwise the procedure worked perfectly. A practical solution, well done.


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I have the same problem with my drive belt when I put it in first gear I had no transmission and I found the problem with the belt it came off

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