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The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11S is a 2015 2-in-1 convertible laptop with an 11.6” multi-touch display.

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I have found fualty capcitors and need help find indentifying problem

I bought this laptop thinking it just had a faulty power switch and though the ribbon for the for the power button was pretty hammered on it didn’t fix the problem after replacing it. I decided to check around the mother board looking for faulty capacitors to see if I can identify a different problem and I did fine some. I have an image that I used to mark the ones I found that were bad. It is my understanding that usually when you have multiple bad caps there is some other underlying problem and I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. Thanks in advance for any help!

Block Image

the two caps with the questions marks next to them didn’t give me any reading at all.

If I can get this figured out I’d be be extremely happy as I really need this computer. :)


ahhhhhhhh... I just found this hidden underneath the RAM and then underneath a sticker under that. will this be of any help identifying the motherboard?!?!

Block Image

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@jason11 to determine what is going on, you will need a schematic at least and a board layout at best. To test the capacitors, you would need to know what exact function they have and what part of the circuitry those belong to. Also, check capacitors with a capacitance meter or an ESR meter to rule those out as faulty. Let us know the exact model of your motherboard and we can try to locate something that might help you.

Update (11/07/2019)

Okay so your board is a COMPAL VIUU4 NM-A121 and these should help COMPAL VIUU4 NM-A121 4of4COMPAL VIUU4 NM-A121 1of4COMPAL VIUU4 NM-A121 2of4COMPAL VIUU4 NM-A121 3of4

Update (11/09/2019)

@jason11 since you do have the schematic now here is the boardview of the area for those components you originally outlined.

Block Image

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Yeah, That would be great. I haven't a clue what the exact model of the motherboard or where to find and all the numbers I search that I find on the motherboard comes up with nothing so I have no idea what is what. If you have a way to of finding out what it is I'd greatly appreciate it. Also I have a multi meter with a capacitance setting but I didn't not use that to find those caps I just checked both sides for continuity just to be clear. If we find some more information and further testing is required I have no problem doing so. I'm completely lost here sorry if I am a pain this is my first attempt at a serious repair.


Hi @jason11 ,

You can't use an Ohmmeter to test for continuity in a capacitor. Unless it shows it is short circuit or has a resistive value. indicating it is faulty then open circuit might be a good test

A capacitor is open circuit to DC current (which an Ohmmeter uses to test) but passes AC current. You need an ESR meter (preferably one that can be used on components still connected to the motherboard) to properly test a capacitor

Also to test correctly you would have to remove one side of the component from the motherboard so that you wouldn't be inadvertently measuring any other components that may be in parallel connection with the one that you are measuring.

How do you know that they are capacitors anyway? There are no markings on the board to indicate the type of component. What is written on the component itself. I'm old and it is too small for me to make out from your images.

Resistors and inductors can come in the same package.

As @oldturkey03 said you really need a schematic of the motherboard.


I agree a schematic would be wonderful


Hi @jason11 ,

Start by checking the power supply either from the DC-in jack or the battery. just don't short anything out with your meter leads with the power connected


I've checked all that and everything seems normal from what I can tell I'm getting ~20v in and at the battery I'm getting ~3-4v


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