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Repair and disassembly guides for projectors.

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Epson EB-675W Bulb does not power on

Epson EB 675W projector.

Blue power light when plugged in.

Press power button, blue power light stays on, blue status light starts blinking. Fan spins up normally, but bulb never lights up. Status light keeps blinking for about two minutes and then projector turns off, blue power light still lit. No reaction from any button press after initial power button press.

Have tried changing the bulb, no difference. Have had it open, removed and mounted the ballast board in another known good EB-475 I have, as they are practically the same. Ballast works fine. Power boards not identical, so can't try exchanging them.

Update (11/11/2019)

I have done some more Research. All thermistors (temperature sensors) are Reading about the same resistance, 11.5k ohms. The Power supply seems to work properly, no bad caps or visible damage. Output voltage to the mainboard seems to work properly and Readings are consistent. The fans turn on and no fault lights when Power button pressed. Input voltage to ballast is 373V DC, which seems right. Tried changing ballast also the other way round from my other known good similar projector, and there is no change starting it With a known good ballast. Tried putting the bulb into the other projector, starts properly and lights up.

I’m really running out of ideas.

Had it been the safety switch, it should have cut all Power, not allowing the projector to start at all.

There is no voltage going to the bulb, so there is something in the Logic not letting it start.

I can not stop the projector again by pressing Power off two times, which would be the normal routine, which leads me to think the machine doesn’t start properly. Any ideas? Hard reset routines or computer diagnosis port would be helpful.

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Out of all honesty i don’t know much about projectors just going to say look for a new one don’t keep pouring money into that one. Look for older gens in better condition.


Lol. You sound like the people at my local Apple store. The thrill is in getting it fixed, but thanks for the concern. Its cost me $27 this far in a new bulb…


Oh i do i'm sorry i don't see it worth trying to fix a projector normally when they break they are broken and your wasting money trying to fix them. Good luck though.


Updated the firmware. No change. When boot it up in update mode, I can access the drive that it creates, and the update was successful, so it seems logic board would be ok.

However, after starting it, blue blinking light on status, blue light on power, and leaving it on for about two minutes, the fans start running full speed, the temp and lamp light both light up constant with amber light, and the power light goes out. After leaving it like this for about another minute, two beeps, and it shuts off the fans, still showing constant amber lights on power and temp, with blinking blue status light.

Epson manual for another projector states this as a power error, so it might seem I was onto something after all when trying to find a fault on the power board. The Ballast is ok and tested in the known good projector.


Sorry, but I would've bought a new projector and didn't waste the time to fixing it.


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Hello Giorgio;

Here is the link for the user manual for the Epson EB-675W projector,;

I cannot determine actual fix for this issue given the amount of info you gave, perhaps you can more closely determine the fix using this manual, or even call their tech support if needed!

Good Luck!

Rich Lilja

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Thank you kindly, but I am afraid the issue is much deeper than what the user manual describes. I am in need of a schematic diagram on the power board which has the markings EP-IGW+LPI on the edge, and in particular pinot for connector CN201 on that specific board.


Did you ever fixed the issue? Ive bought a broken beamer for the scouts I volunteer at. It as the same issue. High voltage in the ballast but no power at lamp.


This may sound really strange but, it may not start up if the air filter is not installed correctly!


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Hi @jurgh909 ,

Don’t know the answer but was wondering if the problem in your projector was similar in concept to the one mentioned in this link.

Need help identifying COB LED component on DBPOWER RD-810 Projector

Just a thought

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