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Product Dimensions: 6.3 x 3.1 x 6.3 inches Item Weight: 7.8 ounces Item model number: 04091378 Released: February 2016

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What battery type is in Marshall Major 2 Bluetooth?

I’ve been using Marshall Major 2 Bluetooth for 22 months. Recently the headphone stopped charging — instead of blinking red light when plugged in, I see a very dim solid white light. I searched in forums and apparently several other people had the same problem. Somebody recommended (aside from the 12-month warranty) replacing the battery.

Is it okay to replace the non-working original battery with an average Lithium Polymer battery? It says somewhere that the original batteries are 680 mAh.

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Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Update (11/11/2019)

Hi @oldturkey03, so I have bought a LiPo battery, but turns out it’s without NTC. The original battery inside the headphone has NTC.

Can I just omit the NTC connection?

The connection inside the headphone:

Block Image

The battery I bought:

Block Image

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@gizatm personally I would not. NTC is what can keep your battery from overcharging etc. I am not sure if your charger etc. would recognize when to stop charging etc. It might work temporarily but I'd be a little leery and would try to find one that gives me that extra little bit of protection.


@Coding Tintin  I have the same problem.Is it fixed with the battery you bought ?

please answer.


@Arman Mkrtchian, unfortunately, not yet. If you look at the image, the battery I bought has only two cables. The Marshall headphones require the third one for NTC. So now I need a battery with three cables. Right now it's not fixed.

If you do fix it, please, write here. Currently I can't find the battery on Alibaba. Might need to look at Amazon.


@Coding Tintin ok, I will write.


I have found something like this, and it does look like it should be working like a charm!

I have just ordered it, so it will take a while, to give my review.


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@gizatm yes it is for as long as the voltage is the same and the physical size will fit. A lower mAh or greater mAh just means that you may have to recharge the battery faster/lesser.

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Thank you, I will try fixing it myself with this method.


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Did you manage to fix it?

Got the same problem

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