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What causes high fuel usage in my mercedes380sl?

I have a 1985 mercedes 380SL and it only gets 11 to 12 mpg. Where do I look for cause?

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`Users report optimum mileage on this model as 15 mpg city & 17 mpg highway.

I’ve had both a 280SL and a 450SL. Both needed a real professional to tune them up properly.

I only used premium fuel and did good to get 14mpg, but I had a rather heavy foot.

My milage increased on both when I had the WUR (warm up regulator) calibrated

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remember in the 1970's during the fuel crisis, everybody was putting a vacuum gauge in their car to monitor fuel economy, it actually showed you that when you have a heavy food you have poor milage. A tune up is also highly recommended on a regular basis and ask your mechanic to use some GM Top Engine Cleaner to decarbon the cylinders also.


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