Why is my Ionic runs stats without

My Ionic watch keeps running stats steps, floors, kms, calories, etc continuously even when i am not wearing my watch. because of this steps are going more then 100k per day and watch needs to be charged everyday. I am not getting my proper stats every day.

How can i sort or repair this issue?

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Already tried to restore the settings to default ?


Yes, tried to restore factory setting thrice, removed device from mobile app, tried to changed to different clock faces, kept the watch without charge for many days. but none of these steps worked. any other suggestions to try?


And everything is up to date ? GPS firmware up to date? Otherwise, it is possible that there is something wrong with the GPS module/antenna..


all firmware is up to date. i guess GPS module is damaged. How and where can i get repaired this watch now?


Not sure where to get the parts. Ebay is offering some! You could ask a local repair shop near you for the repair. I think that the GPS module is soldered on the motherboard which will make it more difficult to replace it. And you could always contact the company how much a repair will cost.


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